[ExI] embryonic neurons

Alan Brooks alaneugenebrooks52 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 16 02:55:07 UTC 2009

 Embryonic neurons are unusual in that they are able to extend
neurites quite efficiently in extracellular environments that do not
support the migration of other motile cell types. 
Recent work in the laboratory has shown that embryonic sensory neurons
are able to compensate for inhibitory or weakly growth-promoting
substrata by adjusting their expression of receptors for
growth-promoting matrix molecules (receptors of the integrin class).
Cell-surface integrin levels appear to be modulated either through a
post-translational mechanism of targeted endocytosis or through
activation of a receptor-based second messenger system. Regulated
integrin expression in response to the extracellular environment may be
required for neurons (and possibly for other invasive cell types) to
migrate into diverse tissues. 
          The regenerative failure of adult CNS neurons may be
in part due to changes in integrin expression associated with the
maturation of neurons to an adult phenotype. The regeneration of adult neurons in
culture can be greatly improved by transgenic integrin expression. 

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