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2009/10/23 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
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>> > and it could create a personalized internet radio station that you
>> > will like.  And it is free!  No advertisement, no pledge drives, no
>> > yakkity DJs, such a deal!
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>> > Life is gooood.  Living now is even better.
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>> > spike
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>> I use Last.fm a lot, same deal. I type in something like
>> "tallis scholars", then it gives me a bunch of options
>> including "Play Tallis Scholars Radio", I press that, and I
>> get an ongoing stream of the Tallis Scholars and groups like
>> them (according to data mining magic), awesome. Just
>> brilliant. I threw out all my CDs.
>> --
>> Emlyn
> Ja that is kinda where I am going with this observation.  I don't see what
> is in it for Pandora.  It completely obviates the purchase of the CDs they
> are hoping to sell.  They have suggested some excellent music that I had
> never heard, such as Coldplay.  But there isn't much point in my buying
> their CD.  If you consider Pandora the ultimate advertisement technique, it
> is too good, so good that the advertisement defeats the actual sale,
> simultaneously creating a desire and eliminating the necessity.
> spike

I think online music sales have been going from strength to strength.
You and I can see the point of a purely virtual "collection", but
largely people are still trained to want to "possess" digital

But Kevin Kelly will say this better than me. It's about Ownership vs Access.


btw, I don't know about Pandora, but last.fm has a model where it's
free to listen to a random selection from your library or related to a
specific artist, but if you want to micromanage what you listen to,
you have to pay. That probably works pretty well, revenue-wise.


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