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> Subject: [ExI] aaahnold's hidden message
> >>the local news calculated it at 8 billion to 1, by taking 26^7.
> >>I ...wrote a script to calculate letter frequencies 
> >>starting a sentence and came out with about 1 in 600 
> billion that this was a coincidence...

> Spike,
> Isn't this exactly the sort of flawed argument which 
> creationists and the anti-evolution crowd use?...

Hmmm, well close I suppose, but be careful to not strain the analogy too
far.  Lifeforms do things with chemical processes that boggle the mind.  The
whole regeneration thing for instance, is so very amazing.
> ...I don't really care either way 
> about Arnold's message, but if you start looking for patterns 
> you will find them everywhere.
> Claus

I enclosed the text for your entertainment.  I have no dog in this fight.
Well actually I do, being a Taxifornia resident, and seeing the state become
a slow motion train wreck.  In any case, look at the enclosure, see what you


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