[ExI] Capitalism is like a poker game

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Tue Apr 13 18:31:21 UTC 2010

Il 13/04/2010 20.11, spike ha scritto:
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>> Subject: Re: [ExI] Capitalism is like a poker game
>> 2010/4/13 Giulio Prisco<giulio at gmail.com>:
>>> I don't trust governments AND big corporations, and I wish
>> to see the
>>> power of both big government and big corporations reduced.
>> Am I the only one?
>> ### No, you are not :)
>> Pity there are so few people who see the problem with *both*
>> government and large (i.e. government-like) corporations.
>> Most see only one side of the coin... Rafal
> Giulio the critical difference is that if you don't like a big corporation,
> you have the option of going into business in competition against it.
> Competing against the fed is not so easy, assuming you do not wish to be
> shot or imprisoned.  If you don't like a corporation, you have the option of
> refusing to trade with it.

I would add that any corporation starting to use force against random 
competitors to keep them out of their business is called "government" or 

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