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I was studying today the history of WW2, since I know almost nothing about
it.  Yes I know, that is reprehensible.  Specifically I was studying the
Stalingrad campaign, where the Germans went waaay up into Russia and froze
their Nazi asses.  
Too often forget how very good we have it.  We never had to go against our
will and fight a horrifying ground war under hopeless brutal conditions.  It
is perhaps a disadvantage to being an atheist: I often wish I had a god to
thank for my good fortune.
I am grateful for many things.  One of the things for which I am most
grateful is being born late enough in history to be able to get lectures
like this one, right in my own home, to able to listen to it on my own time,
break it up in segments at my own convenience, repeat any section I want as
many times as I want, and all of it free as the wind.  How could we have any
other attitude besides dynamic optimism?  
It is a great time to be an information pacman.  Do we have it made or what?
We are living a dream.
Genie Scott gives an excellent lecture on Darwin:
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