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Spike inquired:

> Samantha do you have a reference 
> which gives the Atens' angle to the plane?
> Did you have in mind sending 
> actual proles out there?

No, only reports.  I will look 
> for one. There have been probes exploring near earth and other 
> asteroids.

Allow me to save you some time, Samantha...


And the digested version:

Atens' Inclination Stats

Count 551
Min 0
Max 56.1
Mean 14.15245009
Median 11.3
Mode 6.5
St Dev 10.65927289

And I believe Spike was asking about sending "proles" i.e. people not "probes".

Incidently platinum would be useful to keep in space for another reason. It makes great electrodes for the electrolysis of water. Find a water-ice comet, thaw it, hook the platinum electrodes up to some solar panels, and you are making rocket fuel "out there". Platinum is a major cost-driver of PEM electrolyzers and fuel cells here on earth and it's aweful heavy to be schlepping into space.

Stuart LaForge 

"What is true by lamplight is not always true by sunlight." - Joseph Joubert


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