[ExI] NYT: Happiness May Come With Age, Study Says

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Damien wrote:

> Barbara and I have 
> been idly musing for some years on the possibility of opening an optimal nursing 
> home for elderly transhumanists (including us--which is one of our main 
> motivators--not that many years or, one might hope, decades away!), but 
> obviously it would need a major capital infusion and even then most of those who 
> might consider using its facilities are scattered around the USA and the rest of 
> the planet and probably unwilling to move.

That is a really good idea, Damien, but perhaps you are limiting your options unnecessarily by thinking of a specific location for such an establishment. I think maybe your idea would be better served by setting up an H+ health insurance company that would pay higher than normal coverage but have equivalently higher standards of care aimed toward the transhumanist community. Things such as nutritional supplements, cutting-edge treatment options, morale/quality of life programs, and a medical staff trained in prepping patients for cryogenic suspension could all be offered as part of the policy. One could specify these things into contracts with any nursing homes willing to comply with and become certified in such additional standards of care. Enforcement of these standards could consist of routine inspections by the H+ insurance reps as well as questionaires to the clients. Admittedly such a business model would still require the infusion of
 substantial capital, however the scattered nature of transhumanists would pose less a problem for it then setting up an actual nursing home somewhere.  

Stuart LaForge 

"What is true by lamplight is not always true by sunlight." - Joseph Joubert 


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