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Thu Jun 3 06:25:33 UTC 2010

On 3 June 2010 13:53, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> Hi Anna, goooood question.  In my own case in having to instill moral values
> in my own 3 yr old son, I am stuck in a wildly paradoxical position.  I can
> allow him to go with his mother to church, but I am in a position of having
> to carefully explain that while the ethical and moral values are OK, the
> entire theory behind them, the entire memetic infrastructure in support of
> it, is *completely* wrong, no truth there at all.
> So what would go on in the mind of a child, given such instruction?  I
> haven't said anything yet, but I flatly refuse to tell him anything I know
> to be false.
> spike

I've always communicated to my kids that religion was just wrong, and
definitely no church. They're two of the loveliest people you'd ever
meet. I wouldn't worry too much :-)


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