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> On 6/3/10, spike wrote:
> >  Ja Emlyn but you may be crediting the memeset for their good 
> > character and  wellbeing, when the credit should go to the genes.
> Oh,ohh.  I think you're making that up Spike.   ;)
> Physical characteristics are inherited, not acquired traits...

Ja.  What my notion does is to attribute to some degree one's moral
intuition as a physical characteristic as opposed to an entirely acquired

> If you claim that good morals are inherited, then logically 
> you also have to claim that bad morals are inherited, and 
> that leads on to eugenics and attempts to clean the bad genes 
> out of the gene pool, mass sterilisations, abortions, etc... BillK

I see the concern, however we as a species do not entirely agree on what are
good morals and bad morals.  Our notions are usually similar but in a few
stark cases, are exactly opposite.

As an example, there are those who believe in a strong version of
individuality.  The sturdy individual packs up a few rudamentary tools,
strikes out alone for the Alaskan back country, carves out a niche with
muscle, courage and determination, lives out her life as a wilderness
pioneer.  That appeals to me.  Then there is one who might argue this is
sinful selfishness, that one with this kinds of talent and energy should go
live in the big city, use it to the betterment of all humanity.  Then there
are those who think that on the contrary, humanity already has all the
breaks, and that all our energy should be devoted to helping beasts rather
than helping humanity.  

My notion is that this predisposition to one or more of these three moral
positions (individuality, humanity, beastiality) is at least partially a
function of the brain's hard wiring, not strictly to influences.


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