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Thu Jun 3 22:45:14 UTC 2010

Adrian Tymes wrote:
> --- On Thu, 6/3/10, Tom Nowell <nebathenemi at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> Finally, to play devil's advocate - what if your children
>> just aren't as rational and intelligent as you? Of course,
>> your child is special and will go on to do great things and
>> live out your dreams by proxy. But just suppose for a minute
>> your cosy illusion is utterly wrong, and there's nothing
>> special about your child - they're firmly in the 95-105 IQ
>> range, no more given to logic or dreaming than any other kid
>> in their class - are you quite sure your methods for
>> protecting them from harmful memes will still work?
> IQ is only partially genetic.  Education can enhance one's
> ability to think rationally - even to dream - and this tends
> to be reflected in measured IQ.
Apparently it is about 50-50 with most of the environmental aspects 
coming into play in the very early years.

> If a child is taught to see how people come up with ideas,
> and thus to see which of these ideas are likely true and
> which are not, that can both increase their IQ and vaccinate
> against harmful memes.

I wish it were that easy.  IQ is about how easily you understand things 
and see their implications.  Including seeing the things that you see in 
the above paragraph.  It is not about the content per se.  Effective IQ 
is partially about methods and ways you use you mind and that part can 
be optimized a bit.  But it does'nt go that far.  If it takes on average 
an IQ of say 150 to be successful in a certain profession it is 
extremely unlikely that an IQ 110 or even 120 will make it. 

- samantha
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