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spike wrote:
>> ...On Behalf Of Anna Taylor
>> ...  Learn about respect, honesty, helping 
>> others, believing in a cosmic energy for the greater good.  
>> If churches could be replaced with "Community centers" 
>> everyone would benefit.  Yes I know, wishful thinking... Anna
> Anna, some churches are evolving into this community center notion.  I know
> of at least one example of a fundamentalist church that went this route.  It
> is in Palo Alto.  It started back in the early 80s as a church for former
> Seventh Day Adventists who were no longer believers but were still
> technically on the membership lists.  Over the years it has become the
> Univeralist Unitarian equivalent of a former fundamentalist church, if that
> makes any sense.
> Lee Corbin suggested a kind of innoculation against religion, where the
> children were introduced to a weakened form of religion for information
> purposes, along with the clear message that the teachings and historical
> accounts are not "true" in the sense of court testimony or scientific
> evidence, but rather an ambiguously valuable ancient folklore with some
> ethical and moral content, use with caution, your mileage may vary, void
> where prohibited etc.  Lee's notion is that it would be analogous to
> injecting a weakened form of a pathogen in order to pump the body's immune
> system.  The brain's memetic immune system would then become better able to
> resist memetic infection of fundamentalist religion or fundamentalist
> environmentalism or any other fundamentalist memeset.
> I find Lee's notion compelling.

It is far better to teach them to think well across multiple subjects 
including ethics before exposing them.

- s
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