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> hmm... if not money, then a buttload of ... well, what a butt 
> is commonly loaded with.  ;)

OK Mike, here's a little reminder of how things were 10 yrs ago:



OK now, how many ideas can we collect, innovative and creative ideas, to
help the elderly.  For this exercise, it is OK to assume the clientele has
money coming out the wazoo.  

Example: One of the remaining big problems of the bedridden elderly, after
you take care of the problem of solid waste removal is the problem of
bedsores.  The name makes the problem sound less trivial than it really is.
If undiscovered, they can be fatal.



I had a notion that we could rig up a chair that could be gradually tilted
in any direction like a 2 axis carco table.


Imagine the chair that you are now sitting in, with a hemispherical CCD dome
over your head.  It would be a little like those old time hair dryers the
ladies used to sit under back in the 1960s, only it has what amounts to your
flat screen monitor on the inside of the dome, all the way around and over.
Now imagine the carco table gradually tilting your chair until your back is
horizontal, and either direction so the pressure load can be smoothly
transferred from back to either side to ass, allowing the skin in each
pressure area to rest and restore circulation, to avoid the horrifying
wounds like the ones shown in the previous links.

Imagine this device operating continuously, providing a VR to the patient,
removing solid waste, tilting this way and that, with a cycle lasting
perhaps 10 minutes so that the motion is imperceptible to the patient.

Wouldn't that be the ticket?  Would not we be setting up something analogous
to the Chinese opium houses?  We could arrange for the sick elderly to have
some fun with their last little bit of time.



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