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>>>   Yes.  Start by rooting out the primary cause.  The huge entitlement programs and the bloated government that attempts to manipulate economic reality in utterly irrational ways until it can't no more and the entire thing goes SPLAT!
> There will come a time, if it that time has not long since past, where these government programs you speak of, namely welfare and the like are the only things that stave off total anarchy.

Not possible.  Those programs and the mentality behind them are 
destroying the economy that is the real thing that keeps anarchy, and 
mass destitute conditions, at bay.   The programs are parasitical.  They 
produce nothing but only consume.  When the host, the economy, dies  
they also die.

>  The situation with modern society and automation is not very different than that faced by the waning Roman Empire. 
Not entirely but there are similarities.  Both over-promised at home and 
over extended massively abroad.  Both played financial games to attempt 
to pretend all is well.  All dying empiles do this.

- s

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