[ExI] Why religion at all?.

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Sat Jun 5 19:26:09 UTC 2010


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	On Jun 3, 2010, at 10:43 PM, Keith Henson wrote:

		>>I make a case that the ability to hold a religion comes
from the ability to be infected with a xenophobic meme where the function of
the infection is to sync a tribe's warriors up for a do or die attempt to
kill neighbors in times of ecological stress.
	>Maybe, but there might be a simpler explanation. In general it
would be a Evolutionary advantage for children to listen to and believe what
adults, particularly parents, have to say...	  John K Clark    

I partially agree with both, but there is another element missing in both
notions above.  Religion produces a mild "high" of endorphines.  It can be
like a "rave" but without the actual chemicals.  I looked up on the internet
regarding what the heck is a "rave," so now I know everything about it, a
veritable "rave" expert I am.  

Secondly as I have commented here before, church is a highly sexually
charged environment.  It really is, I am not kidding.  Church is a singles
bar for married people.


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