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> Spike, I was talking about duty to others.  A cosmic energy 
> for the greater good.  You really think making religion 
> disappear is the answer?

Ja.  Well, I guess it depends on the question.

>  What is a weakened form?...

By this I mean religion without the supernatural, or a demythologized form
of religion.  What I would aim for is a form of religion that would make any
scientist or atheist would be perfectly comfortable.  I can imagine such
forms, a spirituality that would be OK with Sagan, Asimov and Dawkins.
Traditional religionists may not recognize it as a religion, but I would.

>  Why believe Lee?

Lee is a smart man.  I hope you get a chance to meet him in the flesh,
creative thinker, very nice guy, not at all what you would expect from
reading his stern no-nonsense ExI posts.

> This is what you would instill or install?> Anna

Inspire.  I want my son to be inspired by scientists, to depend on evidence
and reason, as opposed to divine revelation.  Science is the way, the truth
and the life.  There is no other path to enlightenment.


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