[ExI] 'capitalism' genes was breeding cats

Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 23:58:26 UTC 2010

On Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 5:00 AM,  <BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:


> In my opinion Clark's connection with genes is not a reasonable assumption.
> It is more like a 'Just so' story.  Neat, but where's the evidence?

Let's try the counter argument.  If behavior does not come ultimately
from genes, then were *does* it come from?


> I would like to see evidence of human gene expression forming
> political opinions or behaviour tendencies.  I doubt it exists.  If it
> does, then the door opens for gene therapy to 'cure' people of bad
> opinions and behaviours.  I have my list ready!   ;)

Spike made a case for politics that *might* be supported, but I don't
know how yet.

On the other hand, behavior such as alcoholism is known to be the
result of genes, some of them now reasonably well understood.  For
example, the relative resistance of Asians to alcohol is because of a
known variation in the dehydrogenase genes.



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