[ExI] Google mess

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Fri Jun 11 04:30:59 UTC 2010

> ... This happened once before, and I bumbled around and fixed it somehow,
> but it was a couple yrs ago and I failed to record somewhere how I did it.
> {8-[

Here's one for you: I have a 25 yr old motorcycle, bought it new in 1985, had it ever since, do all the repair and maintenance on it myself, it's never been to the shop, 120k miles on the clock.  Whenever I need to do a job that I have done before on that bike, even if I did it only once and it was 20 yrs ago, I remember exactly how it is done, what bolts need to come off in what order, what the torque should be in replacing what and how, its a snap.  But if I hafta redo a computer or internet procedure, I can't remember it from last week, not even from yesterday.  
Please, why is it that internet protocols and programming languages cannot be set up intuitively, like mechanical devices, where a few simple universal rules can be applied in so many interesting and different ways, but underneath there is a consistent logic, like machines and mathematics.  Internet protocols seem so goddam arbitrary, frustrating, inconsistent.
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