[ExI] honor among parasites

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Mon Jun 14 01:22:53 UTC 2010

Camping this weekend, woods hiking, very wet spring, lot of bugs this year.  Eating dinner by the campfire, mosquitoes everywhere, noticed a tick on my pants.  As I was about to hurl her useless abdomen into the fire, a question occurred to me: would a mosquito bite a tick?  Or would there be some bug version of honor among thieves, where the mosquito would spare a fellow blood sucking bastard?  
I put the tick into a matchbox, put her in my truck so I could do the experiment at home where I could set up a camera to document the event, but in the night the tick managed to escape.  My wife is not pleased with this turn of events.  Now I need a new tick (whereas she would prefer to assure that we have lost the one we had.)  If any ExI-amateur scientists manage to capture a tick, do let us make arrangements to mail it to me.  I will either allow her to bite me, or more likely get a rat at the local pet store to provide the mammalian blood, allow the tick to get engorged, then put the tick into a jar with a number of hungry mosquitoes.
Any speculation on what will happen?

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