[ExI] transhumanist as a philosophy

Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Thu Jun 17 15:10:38 UTC 2010

Damien wrote:

"In any event, the question I was raising was: what are the major texts of

Good question.  Damien, you know about the Transhumanist Reader (or
Transhumanism Reader), right?  

But, your question causes me to wonder what is a major text?  How long does
a body of writing have to be to be considered significant? How many pages is
a book? What about a manifesto?  Would a manifesto be considered a worthy
text on transhumanism? What about publishing? Should a text be published to
be considered a "major text"?  Probably.

The "Transhumanist Statement" and the "Extropic Art Manifesto" were
published in 1997 by NASA/ESA. 


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