[ExI] Boundary logic

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Mon Jun 21 03:53:55 UTC 2010

an interesting approach:


The American logician and philosopher Charles S. Peirce first conceived 
of and published results in boundary logic in 1898. Peirce called his 
work Existential Graphs, and considered it to be among his greatest 
accomplishments. Existential graphs were sufficiently foreign an idea 
that both historians and biographers have omitted substantive portions 
of this work, considering them to be senile ravings.
[etc etc etc]
William Bricken is currently a Research Professor of Education at the 
University of Washington and a Consultant for Interval Research 
Corporation, where he is working on unifying hardware and software 
approaches to computation. Dr. Bricken's prior positions include 
Principal Scientist of UW's Human Interface Technology Laboratory, where 
he designed and implemented the Virtual Environment Operating System and 
interactive tools of the VR environment; Director of Autodesk Research 
Lab, which developed the Cyberspace CAD prototype of virtual reality; 
and Principal Research Scientist at Advanced Decision Systems, where he 
pioneered high-performance inference engines, visual programming 
systems, and instructable interfaces. Dr. Bricken holds a 
multidisciplinary Ph.D. in Research Methodology, Educational Psychology 
and Computer Science from Stanford, and degrees in Statistics (MS 
Stanford), Education (DipEd, Monash University, Australia), and Social 
Psychology (BA, UCLA). Before entering industry, Dr. Bricken was a 
Assistant Professor of Education at University of Hawaii and at Monash 
University, specializing in General Methods of Teaching.

Dr. Bricken is an internationally recognized expert in architectures for 
virtual environments and is the inventor of Boundary Mathematics, a 
formalism which uses void-based and spatial techniques to simply 

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