[ExI] transhumanist as a philosophy

AlgaeNymph algaenymph at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 13:51:20 UTC 2010

Natasha Vita-More wrote:
> This is truly inaccurate and influenced by WTA's ardent thrust for pushing
> Extropy out and Bostrom/Hughes in.
So the politicking gets out into the open now.  Perhaps this explains 
why I see factional debates instead of activism against Luddism.

Anyway, why'd WTA want Extropy out and Hughes/Bostrom in?
>  It was indeed obvious and even successful
> on many fronts because people are easily influenced, especially when a
> campaign is established and as with WTA's front and their control of
> Wikipedia.
Ooo, memetics via Wikipedia.  May we have the juicy details of this 
>   Anyway, Bostrom and Hughes are friends of mine and as someone
> somewhere said - all's fair in war and peace.
That's an ironic way to end the paragraph.

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