[ExI] transhumanism in fiction

Florent Berthet florent.berthet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 15:00:34 UTC 2010

> If you add in superhuman intelligence, superhuman bodies, etc. it
> becomes really difficult to find crisis points that interest current
> humans. (That's why the authors usually keep some humans around, so
> they can have their interesting problems........)   ;)
> BillK
Exactly. I'm currently trying to write a screenplay that would show the
potential awesomeness of uploading, in a post AGI world. Fact is, I died a
little inside each time I searched for a good plot, because any problem can
be answered by "the AGI would solve it...". And I don't want to remove the
AGI, that's a major point of the project. But for a movie to be good, there
must be huge stakes in the plot, at least for the main character. So yeah,
that's a real pain...

Ideas are welcome. ;)

- Florent Berthet
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