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My first post, one of hopeful pacification: 
Welcome Damian!  Another possible verbation of the adjective pacify might be pacifiction (but that one sounds made up) or even possibly pacifixion (although that carries a bit of christian-soundingness.)  If you went with pacifaction, that sounds like a breakaway subset that opposes war.  
With a name that sounds close to Damien, you come in with our expectation that you will be one who likes wordplay.  {8-]  Its a tradition around here, exuberantly and competently carried forth by Damien.

...it is difficult to locate a 'core' text, or even a cluster of such texts.  Damian
This is still probably the best description of what extropians are about:
Do feel free to tell us a little about Damian please, or not if you prefer.  You are among friends here.
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