[ExI] The Old Dope Peddler

Sabrina Ballard sabrina.ballard at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 00:01:08 UTC 2010

>I want to reiterate here that I am only interested in the potential desirability of replacing >talking therapies with some from of advanced technology that could wipe away a person's >problems (cognitive, emotional, psychological) and make them more effective in terms of >their aspirations and their ability to lead successful lives (however they may be defined).

I think that learning to solve your own issues is important in many
cases. Instantly "solving" people's problems could be very counter
productive in the long term as without some kind of internal struggle,
would people ever develop a very complex or solid identity?

But I do think that in certian cases it could be useful to simply
"wash it all away".

Sabrina Ballard

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