[ExI] The Old Dope Peddler

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Thu Jun 24 09:04:51 UTC 2010

>  your future psychological trajectory would
be exactly the same.

Um, yes, give or take a little bit. But if that is towards mental well-being and
effective living, where's the problem? We're talking about the desirability
of this kind of technology here: if you could reach that end-state of
well-being in the manner suggested (which both removes the pain
of the procedure and the pain of the reason behind the procedure),
would it be worthwhile? I mean this ethically and, in a sense, medically.
   It seems to me that a clearer conception of this issue would be
better off founded on an understanding of the different types
of counselling theory, as well as scenarios of the kind of 
technologies I am imagining.

Damian U.
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