[ExI] The Old Dope Peddler

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Thu Jun 24 12:01:58 UTC 2010

>I imagine a common reaction against this idea
would be that it is somehow better or more noble to do it the hard
way, but that is irrational.

Indeed, arguments around so-called 'dignity' seem to demand an element
of suffering. But why? What do we get out of it? Part of my project
would be to look at this value of suffering to determine its place.
If, as I strongly suspect is the case, it is yet another instance of
our evolutionary heritage plaguing us long after it's shelf-life has
expired, then the way would be made clear to go on to show that
it can not only be done away with safely, but to the benefit of all. 
(Though it still leaves open my original question.)
   A lot of this is to be found in the work of David Pearce.

Damian U.
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