[ExI] Looking for a word

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 24 19:12:26 UTC 2010

> through which
> code literate people can move, interact, create,

Interact and create, yes.  Move, as a direct analogue to
physical movement, no - and that's part of the point:
this interaction and creation is possible without physical

It is, in large sense, the "cloud" of "cloud computing".
Given the acceptance that term already has, you would be
well served by using it.  But here's a kicker: there are
many different, somewhat competing definitions of the
"cloud".  If you have a clear and cohesive definition,
which you can readily apply in ways that average people
can understand "this is what that term means", then you
are at an advantage when using the term.

And yes, it does take code-literate people - or software
agents, created either by said people or by other software
they have made - to interact with this space.  (In fact,
the number of code-literate people who interact directly
is far smaller than those who make software to do it.  I've
done it directly - almost as directly as one can short of
physically manipulating the voltage signals on the wire
without using electronics to do so, anyway.  It can be
somewhat brutal and messy, and it is very inefficient for
large jobs.  But sometimes, the job at hand is small enough
that hunting for or making software to do the interface for
you, can be a much slower or more expensive proposition
than just doing it...if one knows how to do it, or how to
find out how to do it.)

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> Subject: [ExI] Looking for a word
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> Hi all,
> I'm trying to crystallize a concept, and I need a word to
> help to do it.
> The online world is now full of APIs, which let code
> literate people
> talk to online services (all the standard webby protocols,
> google's
> many apis, amazons compute cloud ++, twitter APIs, facebook
> APIs, etc
> etc etc). There are myriad ways of interacting with these
> things, from
> having code on your own machines reach out to them, to
> hosting code
> "out there" in online services.
> I'm conceptualizing this as a multidimensional space
> through which
> code literate people can move, interact, create, in a very
> real sense
> in which we partially can already live. What would you call
> this
> space? It's a bit like a noosphere, but that term would be
> a bit trite
> and not do the concept justice. And don't say cyberspace.
> Any ideas?
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