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How about a neologism...

'Discorpality' a conflation of discorporate and reality.  A reality existing in the ethereal realms of the cyberspace. 
This is my favorite so far, better than my own notion, metasphere.  Ross, well done, sir!  He is right: most terms we could think of already carry the baggage of previous use in a similar context.  The terms web and cloud worked because they had not already been used in the software context.  The weakness of discorpality I see is that it has five syllables, whereas ideally we want no more than two, even one if we can do it.
In the spirit of Ross' notion of a neologism, I propose the term "reeth" loosely derived from the remarkably succinct and inclusive definition suggested by Ross, a "reality existing in the ethereal realms of cyberspace."  Reeth also has the advantage of ryhming with wreath, a leafy collection of various things which are joined to come full circle.
When we decide on a term, let us just start using it, see if it catches hold.

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