[ExI] The ultimate test of your transhumanist convictions...

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Thu Jun 24 22:29:52 UTC 2010

Quoting Ross Evans <ross.evans11 at gmail.com>:

> ...do you have a pension plan?
> To hear people in their 20's and 30's talk about pension provision they have
> either made, intend to make, or wish they could afford to make, is
> incredibly dissonant for those of us who imagine the future being rather
> radically different than the now. I'm 30, have no pension plan, nor any
> intention to burden myself with one. Indeed, for those transhumanist/
> singularitarians in this age group, the ideology confers a distinct economic
> advantage; the ability to turn their backs on a fiscally unsustainable ponzi
> scheme, the need for which technological progress will obviate. Capital that
> would otherwise be deployed into such schemes could be more usefully
> employed in gaining new skills, travelling, and investing inthe very
> companies that will build the future they want.

Pension plan? Years ago, US employees obtained "pension plans" from  
their employers for retirment years.  This is almost extinct, as most  
corporations do not offer "pension plans" any more.  Social Security  
does help some people though.

For my own savings plan, I have 401Ks, IRA, and real estate.  None of  
these will provide a pension for me. They are simply saftety nets.  I  
will have to continue working until I expire or get suspended.

Smartest financial thing you can do for yourself, as a kind and loving  
gift to your future self, is to get an IRA, or something similar, ASAP.


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