[ExI] The ultimate test of your transhumanist convictions...

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Fri Jun 25 07:31:04 UTC 2010

Ross Evans wrote:
> ...do you have a pension plan?
> To hear people in their 20's and 30's talk about pension provision 
> they have either made, intend to make, or wish they could afford to 
> make, is incredibly dissonant for those of us who imagine the future 
> being rather radically different than the now.

It is even more discombobulating that anyone would believe that in 30-40 
years any pension will be likely to be paid including government 
promises of retirement security. 

> I'm 30, have no pension plan, nor any intention to burden myself with one.
Generally you are much better off to save, even if only a couple of 
hundred a month and invest modestly without being greedy.   Let 
compounding over three decades work for you.

> Indeed, for those transhumanist/singularitarians in this age group, 
> the ideology confers a distinct economic advantage; the ability to 
> turn their backs on a fiscally unsustainable ponzi scheme, the need 
> for which technological progress will obviate. Capital that would 
> otherwise be deployed into such schemes could be more usefully 
> employed in gaining new skills, travelling, and investing inthe very 
> companies that will build the future they want.

The unsustainable ponzi scheme is unfortunately on your backs as are the 
huge "public" debts.    But lest you write off the "boomers", remember 
who build the good parts of the world you are inheriting as well. 

- samantha

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