[ExI] Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Ben Zaiboc bbenzai at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 08:20:17 UTC 2010

Ross Evans <ross.evans11 at gmail.com> observed:
> we see stories like this
> coming out of
> basic research every day, and yet frontline treatment never
> seem to
> substantially advance as a result. The disconnect between
> what's happening
> in the lab, and begin trialled on a small scale, and what
> is available to
> the general population, seems to be getting larger.

This is actually a good sign.  It's what you'd expect if progress in medical research is getting faster.  This disconnection between lab work and what's available to the public is not likely to be an indefinitely-widening gap.  Enough people will get frustrated by it that we'll come up with better ways of testing and bringing treatments to market.

Don't be disheartened.  To say that front-line treatment /never/ substantially advances isn't quite true.  There are many people alive today that wouldn't have been if we were just 10 years behind in terms of medical tech.  I expect this will be true in another 10 years, only moreso.

Ben Zaiboc


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