[ExI] Sense of Touch Affects Our World View

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Fri Jun 25 14:35:58 UTC 2010

Study Shows Link Between Sense of Touch and the Decisions People Make
By Bill Hendrick
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD

June 24, 2010 -- Our sense of touch profoundly affects how we view the
world and other people, influencing thoughts and behavior, new
research indicates.


The researchers, for example, say that:
    * People sitting on hard, cushion-less chairs are less likely to
compromise in price negotiations than people sitting on softer chairs.
    * Interviewers holding a heavy clipboard are likely to think job
applicants take their work more seriously than if the clipboard is
less weighty.

The study, reported in the June 25 issue of Science, builds on
previous work by Bargh that found people judge others to be more
generous and caring after they had briefly held a cup of warm coffee
rather than a cold drink.

This research provides the solution to the occasional over-heated list
Just tell everyone to settle down in a comfy chair with a warm drink
and they will feel more generous and considerate to the others.
Problem solved!   ;)


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