[ExI] The ultimate test of your transhumanist convictions...

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 04:40:28 UTC 2010

Damien U wrote:
> One sense in which such planning may very well be
> useful is in recognising that the likelihood is -
> assuming capitalism goes on being the prevailing
> economic philosophy - the kinds of technology
> we all want to see developed will be extremely
> expensive. I for one want to have the cash
> ready for all the wonderful life-extension
> and mind-uploading techniques. I'd hate to
> have dreamt about them all these years only
> to discover I couldn't afford them when the time
> came.

This is exactly my thinking!  Many of the first Extro-list postings I
read were about nanotech & "anything boxes," and the coming golden age
these wonderful technologies were supposed to usher in for every
person on the planet.  But now as I get older and consider 2030, 2040
and 2050 not so far way, I do worry that I will be in a rather
pathetic class of people who saw these wonder technologies decades
before their actual development, and yet ironically could not
financially afford to benefit from them.


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