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>> Shall we consult the reeth?

>Sounds like some kind of beastly feral aliens in the sf of A. E. van Vogt or Keith Laumer. Consult at your peril!...Damien Broderick

Here's the challenge.  Find a single syllable word that Google fails to find a definition or previous use.  Failing that (which you will) find one that minimizes the previous use, to reduce the chances of lawsuit by an intellectual property holder.  It occurred to me that city names probably are fair game because their names were derived a long time ago.  Any patent on the names would have long since expired.
Include in your challenge a "sounds like" such as Damien did.  I liked the sounds-like for reeth, because its homonym is a device made of living things within living things, such as plant cells still alive in the decorative leaves, the colorful berries and nuts, the painted pine cones with their seed DNA, with the potential to create new lifeforms, the beasts living therein, such as the dust mites devouring skin cells, amoeba within those beasts, etc.  In a loosely analogous sense, the reeth contains cells, beasts within beasts, interdependent but fully independent lifeforms doing what lifeforms do, all working together in an entirely different function than that for which they evolved.
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