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Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 22:49:05 UTC 2010

2010/6/27 <udend05 at aol.com>
> I trust that if I have myself made any 'borderline dismissive comments', I may be forgiven for it. I had been under the
> impression that this was a forum for intellectual debate, not a private member's club for mutual sycophancy or
> hero-worship. The role of 'newbie', sitting at the feet of his masters, doesn't sit with me very well, I'm afraid.
> 'Truly impressive piles of credibility' notwithstanding, when a debate is open and honest, comments from either side
> must be given and taken with respect. I had an interesting debate with Damien which I feel came to a healthy conclusion,
> and one with Keith Henson which, sadly, just came to an end (I am still awaiting his reply); there may have been
> moments in either of those debates where a certain aggressive attitude was evident. I did not take offence, as in
> discussions of these kinds I try to exercise the respect which I mentioned above. However, if I stand corrected on this
> issue, and I am expected to keep quiet with an air of reverent awe, then I fear I may be in the wrong place.

Ouch.  Clearly we can all use language with a cutting edge.  While any
thug can wield a knife, it takes far greater skill to perform
beneficial surgery.  I believe the original comment was a friendly
reminder to respect the casual atmosphere of this list.  Perhaps more
care could have been taken to remove any tone of admonishment from
that reminder.  However, there is no need to respond as though it were
an attack or to take offense.  I consider myself "new" wrt the legacy
members of this list (hear that, ya old-heads - you're legacy) and
read the request for observance of protocol as a healthy dose of
preemptive list maintenance.

I think the best way to make a point is to convince others to concede
it rather than stab it into their heart.

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