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The 'piffling issues' I referenced were the ongoing dispute over personality clashes and the issue of defining 'respect' here on this list. Surely these issues aren't going to impact too much on the ongoing project of getting transhumanism accepted into the mainstream? If they are, it's no wonder it's taking such a long time! I agree completely that from small issues spring larger ones, but perhaps it would be of benefit to all if we discovered small issues that had some relevance to what we're all doing here in the first place. Just my humble submission, of course.

Damian U. 

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Damian wrote:


Does it need repeating that the goal of reaching that future is far more important than any of these really rather piffling issues?

Apparently it does.  The goal of reaching the future is related to our ability to deal with "piffling issues".   Small issues form larger issues.   It is a our behavior that turns them into conflicts or solutions.

Natasha Vita-More

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