[ExI] (Exl) A delicate egg

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There are numerous transhumanist academics who are working very hard to
break through the academic glass ceiling, and there is growing transhumanist
student network.
Surveying the number of transhumanists with PhDs sill give you a fairly
solid indicator of the fact that transhumanists are in academia (as I said
either directly or peripherally), not to mention masters degrees, and the
academic institutions where transhumanist conferences are held over the past
years an, especially transhumanist courses taught - such as at the
University of Southern California in LA, as just one example.  Also, you
could check to see how many times the term "transhuman" or "transhumanism"
has been referenced in academic papers.  But to save you a little leg work,
let me just add that the terms transhuman and transhumanism are references
academic papers a lot.
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>But let me ask, first, what academic institutions are you affiliated with? 

None, I fear. I have worked with autistic children for twelve years since
doing my MA. However, I am studying to become a counsellor, with a long-term
view to doing doctoral work. At that time I hope my involvement with the
transhumanist movement goes deeper, but for now I am simply on the margin,
observing and thinking and sometimes making a suggestion or two.

Damian U.
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