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On Jun 26, 2010, at 11:00 PM, Damien Broderick wrote:

> If you mean those on Amazon, you must mean the long review by Ben Goertzel, among others. (Most people on this list know Ben as the genius behind Novamente, a promising AGI project.) Interesting case, there. Until he read my book, Ben was "curious but ambivalent" about the reality of psi.

I recently had a mini debate with Ben about psi on another list, he tried to convince me that maybe one reason Science has so much trouble confirming the very existence of psi, never mind how it works, is not because of the obvious reason that psi does not exist, but instead this lack of confirmation is due to some vague unspecified flaw in the Scientific Method itself! So Science is good enough to prove that the entire universe is accelerating but it can't prove some magician has the ability to predict a nickel will come up heads or tails at better than 50% probability, even though the man does indeed have that remarkable power. The Scientific Method can detect and even weigh neutrinos that can pass effortlessly through light years of lead, but card tricks are beyond its abilities. I like Ben but that attitude is just embarrassing, there is no other word for it. 

> Now we're collaborating as co-editors on a technical book with the working title THE SCIENCE OF PSI.

If that title accurately reflects what's in it you are in contention in writing the world's shortest book. Other worthy entrants in the field are "The Amish Phone Book" and "Five Hundred Years Of German Humor" and "Great Arab Scientists Of The Twentieth Century" and that great old depression era classic "Negros I Met While Yachting".

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