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Mon Jun 28 20:39:32 UTC 2010

>*Some* of the discussion on this list requires considerable background.
Indeed, and in this instance, I must admit, I think our
boundaries, or specialisms if you prefer, are so blurred
that we have lost one another entirely. I still don't see how
anything you have mentioned here is relevant to what we were 
talking about previously - but I do agree about the background.
As I said in another post, a considerable amount of background
work would need to be done into diferent theories of counselling
for anything I am saying to make sense. I do know about EP and
have read Dawkins. I have also read Dennett and agree that a
computational model of the brain (thus banishing, as an incidental
point, mind-body dualism) works best. When taken with the
EP model of how we developed our traits, behaviours and so on,
I think the likelihood of the kinds of technology I have
mentioned being developed (for reverse-engineering the brain
for therapeutic ends) is increased ten-fold. Perhaps,
after all, you and I are not so very far apart.
Damian U.

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