[ExI] DNA: quantum correlations?

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> Where is the 'serious experimental evidence'?
> Ross
> -----------------
> Ross, what is the experimental *evidence* of Higgs bosons?
> of gravitational waves? of BH? of MWI? of quantum
> particles? of quantum waves? of Ross Evans?
> of the minimal initial entropy of the universe?
> They are trying to understand the stability of DNA.
> Did *classical* *physics* explain that? How? When?
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The Higgs boson is a theoretical particle,the search for which is backed up
by previous observations made in particle physics.To quote from the piece
you posted...

*Now a group of physicists say that the weird laws of quantum mechanics may
be more important for life than biologists could ever have imagined. Their
new idea is that DNA is held together by quantum entanglement*

Thus, this is just another speculation, in which the seemingly weirdness of
quantum level effects, is wheeled in to explain something for which we do
not yet have an explanation.  It's a close to a scientific theory, as a
Christian suggesting that quanum spookiness provides evidence for God.

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