[ExI] Sheldon is a transhumanist!

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> Subject: [ExI] Sheldon is a transhumanist!
> The Singularity Goes Prime Time
> October 1, 2010 by Phil Bowermaster
> This week's episode of the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory 
> brings the idea of the technological Singularity to one of 
> the widest audiences it has ever reached...

Big Bang Theory is played on United cross country US flights, both
directions.  A few years ago it was always 30 Rock, which was terrible.  Now
it's BBT which is good most of the time, occasionally hilarious as hell.
They need some help from some actual geek writers, but I give them a solid B
or B+.

Keith, Damien, Jeff Davis, consider offering you skills to that show?


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