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'Pre-crime' Comes to the HR Dept.
September 29, 2010    By    Mike Elgan

In the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report, police belonging to a
special Pre-crime unit arrest people for crimes they would do in the
future. It's science fiction, and it will probably never happen in our

However, the pre-crime concept is coming very soon to the world of
Human Resources (HR) and employee management.

A Santa Barbara, Calif., startup called Social Intelligence data-mines
the social networks to help companies decide if they really want to
hire you.

While background checks, which mainly look for a criminal record, and
even credit checks have become more common, Social Intelligence is the
first company that I'm aware of that systematically trolls social
networks for evidence of bad character.

Using automation software that slogs through Facebook, Twitter,
Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and "thousands of other sources,"
the company develops a report on the "real you" -- not the carefully
crafted you in your resume. The service is called Social Intelligence
Hiring. The company promises a 48-hour turn-around.
The company also offers a separate Social Intelligence Monitoring
service to watch the personal activity of existing employees on an
ongoing basis. The service is advertised as a way to enforce company
social media policies, but given that criteria are company-defined,
it's not clear whether it's possible to monitor personal activity.

The service provides real-time notification alerts, so presumably the
moment your old college buddy tags an old photo of you naked, drunk
and armed on Facebook, the boss gets a text message with a link.
End Quotes

There are already services available to 'clean-up' your internet records.
One comment suggested another new business could be to generate a new
internet presence for you, recording all your wonderful attributes, so
that your analysis doesn't tick any of the 'danger' boxes and sends
out a 'hire me' signal.

The transparent society marches onwards.


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