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 By coincidence I happened across it just the other night and it is so long I have seen it that i'd forgotten it existed.
It got me thinking about whether the work I have been doing for the disabled with mind controlled electronics is transhuman or not. For one point of view (and quite callous) it can be seen as raising the subhuman (horrible term) to a more human level. But from another I think it is transhuman.

The implications and possibilities of the technology are obviously very transhuman.

What say you all? Under the declaration do we have a moral obligation to improve the standard of life for those who are less fortunate before we reach for our own immortality? Personally I think we do, but then I don't really see them as mutually exclusive. 




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Does anyone have a copy of the original declaration and who authored it?  (There were a dozen or so of us who wrote it).  All references to it have been pulled from the website.  I have this in my files, but it will take me a day or so to find it.  If anyone has it right off hand, that would be great.
Natasha Vita-More
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