[ExI] Hal Lewis' resignation from The American Physical Society

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Sat Oct 9 16:58:25 UTC 2010


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> Subject: [ExI] Hal Lewis' resignation from The American 
> Physical Society
> As a result of the APS part in creating the fake "consensus".

Funny story for a Saturday morning.

I was walking by my computer, saw Max's post with the title Hal Lewis'
resignation... etc.  I wasn't wearing my reading glasses, and thought it
said Ha! Lewis' resignation... etc, as one might say Ha! Yanks defeat
commies in chess olympiad (assuming one is a yank who finds commies
distasteful in general.)

So I read the entire article, still thinking it was Max exulting over Lewis
resigning from APS.  Then I noticed he wasn't actually exulting, but rather
citing only, in a neutral manner.  So regardless of Max's unstated intent, I
exult over this article, so Ha!  Hal Lewis resigned from APS.

Reasoning: regardless of whether global warming is true or false, regardless
of whether it is manmade or otherwise (and I see good evidence on all sides
of these question) I have personally witnessed what looks to me like
scientific malpractice on all sides of this issue, corruption by money and
politics of a damn complicated question, claims of solid consensus on a
topic in which reasonable doubt is perfectly legitimate.  

It is perfectly OK to have a strong scientific opinion on a matter which is
not yet completely settled.  But it is not OK to claim scientific consensus
before it actually exists.  The jury may be about 8-4 on this, but it is
still out of the room.  Lewis isn't actually claiming global warming is
wrong or natural, only that the jury is still out on this one.


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