[ExI] teamwork on a gag for h+

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Oct 12 04:02:40 UTC 2010

Some comedy routines can easily be adapted to a team of writers, such as
Dave Letterman's top 10.  He can get 30 guys writing gags, then Dave can
pick his favorites.

I thought of a comedy script we could write.  It starts out like this:

Hey cool!  You have seen those online translation sites, like babelfish,
where you type in a word or a phrase, and it translates it to or from
another language, ja?  That gave me an idea.  I wrote a program that
translates between English and Transhumanish!  For instance, I entered:

"Hi How RU?" and asked it to translate to Transhumanish.  It came back with
"The singularity is near."

Then I put in "{8^D" in Transhumanish, asked for the English equivalent.  It
came back with "Spike thinks he made a witty comment.  The silly goof is
mistaken of course."

So then I put in "[Exi-chat types, help me here]"  and it came back with
"[Exi-chat types, help me here]"

I will collect the best ones and offer them to H+ magazine, offering you in
return the standard reward, everlasting respect and high esteem, etc.


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