[ExI] TransDisabled [WAS:Transhumanist Declaration]

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I don't think any of us with disabilities favor the term "disabled".
But I look at it this way:  as long as we are human, we disabled by the
inability to overcome disease.  
Is there a better term?
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Sorry no good links (Coming soon). 
Likewise I see it as an act of kindness, empathy and basic humanity and that
was really what I meant by 'moral obligation'. I am trying to square up my
own direction as I have real problems working on projects that might elevate
the able bodied further above those with disability. Thinking about having
superhuman senses, abilities and life span while others suffer to have
'normal' levels of the aforementioned makes my heart sink.
I hate most of the terminology relating to disabled people, even the term
disabled seems derogatory. I fully agree we all have disabilities, I myself
am colour blind, dyslexic, have arthritis, shot knees and a herniated disk
and that's before the myriad of mental oddities ;o)

Just a crisis of conscience making me re-evaluate things.



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Do you have a link to the work you have been doing?  
People with disabilities are not subhuman, they are human.  We all have
disabilities to some degree and unfortunately some people have them to a
large degree.
I do not think we have a moral obligation to improve the disabilities of
humans before a transhuman, posthuman or upload (TPU)obtains radical
prolongevity.  Those with disabilities who are unable to make the
distinction concerning enhancement ought to be protected by a right to have
their disabilities cured to a human level and then they can make their own
choices about TPU. I consider this action to be a "humane act of
awareness/consciousness/kindness to other people" rather than a "moral
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