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Wed Oct 13 15:50:22 UTC 2010

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>...I'm not sure how this would work as ever more users started to use it.
How would people get around each other on the rail? What happens when
someone in front of you stops? Unlike with a sidewalk or a multi-lane street
-- where you can go around people, bikes, or cars in most circumstances -- I
reckon you're just stuck until she or he does something...

You would need sidings like a railroad track, and perhaps something
analogous to an express lane.  We would need sidings anyway, or some means
to turn around to get on the opposite direction track.

>...	Even if these hurdles are overcome -- maybe by use being so low that
they don't arise -- I imagine it won't be for everyone: certainly not for
the claustrophic or the acrophobic. Regards, Dan

Ja, it isn't for everyone, but it really doesn't need to be.  Rather it
needs to be for some, which reduces the load on the streets.  Mass transit
isn't for everyone, for a very persistent reason: it doesn't help with the
problem of many of us don't want to mix with us.  We humans are scary.  We
have a tendency to insanity, violence, communicable diseases and so forth.
We are dangerous to each other.  Our Detroits serve as our suits of armor,
to protect and isolate us from each other.

I have long imagined a transportation system which provides that function
(isolation) while disabling a central worker union from paralysing the
system.  Ideally you want something that can operate without external power,
or has some means of manual override.  Or is it pedual override?

If someone doesn't pedal, the shweeb system has the option of pushing the
prole along by the person(s) behind.

The shweeb system has the advantage of being light weight, so it would make
the infrastructure costs much lower.


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