[ExI] Towards a new transhumanist movement.

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Oct 14 15:15:02 UTC 2010

> Alan Grimes wrote:
> What I've learned is that trying to argue with uploaders is hopeless.
> You can't get them on philosophy, you can't get them on 
> technicalities, you can't get them on logistics, and you 
> can't appeal to a stronger desire. They literally live for 
> the sake of sticking their brain in a meat grinder.... Alan

Alan, their, your and our attitude may be completely irrelevant.  When
Eliezer hung out here, we used to argue this a lot, but I was never
convinced we humans have any choice in the matter.  I argued we have no
models to even predict how an emergent AI would behave, never mind control
it, or even significantly influence it.  He thought we do have some control
in creating a friendly AI, but I have long thought we are cattle on a train
car, with no say in whether we are being taken to be bred in a green pasture
or to the slaughterhouse.

Outloading is our best hope, but it is only a fond hope rather than a


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