[ExI] Towards a new transhumanist movement.

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Thu Oct 14 15:40:56 UTC 2010

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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Towards a new transhumanist movement.
> What Aleksei said. Nobody wants to force anyone to upload...

Agreed, but it would not be us who does the forcing.
> Most of us believe in individual choice...

To the core of our being, ja.  An emergent AI may or may not be interested
in what most of us believe or want.

> ...and when uploading 
> technology will be available we will feel free to upload and 
> leave others free to choose...

Indeed sir?  Is this your prediction, or your command?  If your command, to
whom are you issuing it?  If your prediction, what are your assumptions?

> ...Of course we will defend ourselves against anyone who tries 
> to force US not to upload...

Thanks Giulio.  I admire your goals, but I do not share your optimism.  I
wish I could.  Last time we discussed this topic here, my droning reminder
is that we have no way of knowing or even gussing what will happen when an
AI emerges, or when.  We have no mathmatical models, not even a good verbal
description, nothing.  Naaaada!  My hope is that an emergent AI will
outload, or if it has already emerged, that it did outload.  But my
confidence in this outcome is not high.

My reasoning goes like this: an emergent AI would have resources at its
disposal so far beyond what emergent sentient humans had that its abilities
will give it (or them) the option of doing whatever is their or its will.
We humans build our cities and we also set aside enormous nature reserves,
but there are no elk in the halls of congress, no buffalo to be found there,
where the decisions are being made regarding their habitat and their future.
We don't ask the beasts what they want, rather we do whatever we want.  The
emergent AI may or may not take into account our desires, our morals and our
sense of ethics, but I wouldn't expect it, and I certainly wouldn't count on


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