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'You see Giulio, Extropia DOES intend to forcefully upload people and
is on record as saying so'.

I suggested that 'we' (and by 'we' I meant our posthuman desendents,
if any) might opt to convert the planet into computronium and run
everybody as uploads in a simulation indisinguishable from reality, as
perceived by the human senses. Anybody who did not want to be uploaded
would be uploaded anyway, and we would edit out the memory of that
event. So, such people continue living in a reality indistinguishable
from the one they were in before. They are happy, and the posthuman
civilization has aquired a nice large chunk of computronium, so they
are happy as well.

Now, maybe it is not physically possible to actually carry out this
proposal. And, if it is achievable in principle, there may well be
good ethical/ moral reasons why the project should never go ahead.
Anybody is free to debunk the feasibility of this scheme, or to show
exactly why transfering somebody from one simulated approximation of
reality to a functionally identical simulated approximation of reality
(albeit one running on quite different hardware) is so morally
outrageous that any sentient being would never choose to impliment
such a scheme.

I am afraid I do not believe that any idea or suggestion is so
dangerous that it should not be uttered. That does not mean all ideas
should be put into practice, of course. Clearly not. But, surely, we
should have the right to propose any idea, provided we reserve others
the right to expose flaws in that argument, in whatever shape or form
such flaws may come in?

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